Services offered

Genetics. Modern conservation requires modern tools. Recent advances in DNA sequencing technology have made powerful methods available for use on any organism. I am able complete conservation genetic investigations for both plants and animals using the latest genetic techniques. For further reading, see my whitepaper.

Surveys. The state of California requires consideration of rare plant and animal species during land use conversion (development) or other human activities that require permitting by the state. Generally this falls under CEQA, the California Environmental Quality Act. I am available to perform rare plant surveys of this kind throughout California.

Ecology. Ecological systems are complex, made up of hundreds to thousands of interacting species. Systems like this require advanced study and analysis. I am available to carry out field work and statistical analysis for a variety of ecological systems, including plant-soil systems, plant-pollinator systems, and the like.

Taxonomy. One of the major bottlenecks in plant conservation is rigorous taxonomic assessment, including description of species and taxonomic examination of currently known diversity. I am available to prepare taxonomic descriptions of taxa new to science, complete taxonomic revisions, or serve as an expert consultant for such work.

Gardening. Over the course of the recent historic drought in California, interest has grown in water-wise gardening. In most cases, native plants are a water thrifty option. I provide expert guidance on selection of native plants. For further reading on the benefits of native plant gardening under drought, see my article on drought and my article on Ceanothus.